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Patent Number 6792894

ChokeFree Leather and VelPro Mesh Pet Shoulder Collar

The ChokeFree Pet Shoulder Collar is a patented and trademarked pet-friendly alternative to conventional neck collars and harnesses that restrain a pet by placing pressure against the pet's neck, forechest, and airway and cause gagging, coughing and choking.  In addition to providing pets with a non-choking method of restraint, ChokeFree with its' Step-N-Wrap design and its' Vel-Lock Closure is super simple for the pet owner to use.  The break through technology of the Vel-Lock Closure involves the use of of hook and loop closure such that when a D-ring is placed through the hook and loop, and connected to a leash snap hook, the hook and loop is pulled tighter together during restraint and easily pulls apart for quick removal from the pet once the leash snap hook is released. 

The ChokeFree Pet Shoulder Collar is available in Leather and VelPro Mesh in various sizes and colors.  Please see the pictures below for more information.

PawRider Pet Seatbelt Adapter with Vel-Lock Closure

Pet Car Restraint and prevention of unnecessary pet neck injuries begins with the PawRider Pet Seatbelt Adapter when used with the ChokeFree Pet Shoulder Collar,  PawRider keeps pets in place.  Many pets tend to wander around the vehicle when riding unrestrained.  Serious injury to the pet and the vehicle could occur if the pet is unrestrained during sudden stopping or impact with another vehicle or structure.  PawRider is designed to wrap around an existing seatbelt and to keep the pet centered in the vehicle seat while riding.  When the PawRider's D-ring is placed through the slotted opening and a restraint snap hook is attached to the PawRider on one end and to the D-ring on a pet's ChokeFree, the PawRider will firmly hold the pet in place.  When the PawRider is placed around the shoulder portion of the seatbelt, it provides a loose control that will allow the pet to pull against the shoulder strap and move around as far as the shoulder strap allows.  When the PawRider is placed around a combination of the Lap Belt and the Shoulder Strap, the pet is very restricted and cannot move very far from the PawRider,  When the PawRider is attached to the Shoulder Strap alone, the seatbelt can be pulled out and tightened in order to restrain the pet as desired.  The PawRider's wrap style design with hook and loop Vel-Lock Closure make s it easy to switch the PawRider from seat to seat and vehicle to vehicle.  The PawRider is made in the USA of black leather and comes with a dual snap hook.  One snap hook is attached to the PawRider and the other snap hook is attached to the pet's ChokeFree Shoulder Collar.  PawRider can also keep pets in place while they are having fun riding on a boat.  The PawRider wraps arounds the boat rail on many boats and the pets remain in place.

Additional Information

The preferred method of selecting the proper size ChokeFree is to try it on the pet.  ChokeFree should not be fitted such that it allows enough room to be comfortable without allowing so much room that the pet can back out or otherwise wriggle out of the shoulder collar.  Once the ChokeFree is placed on the pet, if the pet can tuck its head and back out or if the owner can pull the ChokeFree over the pet's shoulders and head, the ChokeFree is too large and a smaller size should be selected.  It is the pet owners responsibility to insure that the pet is fitted with the proper size ChokeFree.  The ChokeFree is very simple to put on and take off and is not recommended to be worn all of the time.  Even though there are those who never remove the ChokeFree from their pet, it is meant to be worn only when needed for restraint.  ChokeFree is not intended to be used for Tie-Out or when pets are being left unattended.  Pets that chew may cause damage to ChokeFree.  There are sprays that discourage chewing that could be a solution for pet owners with pets that chew.  ChokeFree Pets cannot be responsible for ChokeFree Collars that have been chewed.