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Pet Wellness and prevention of unnecessary neck injuries associated with pet restraints begins with the ChokeFreeTM Pet Shoulder CollarTM.
Patent No. 6792894

Wellness Begins with Prevention

Many pets can have trouble breathing when they pull against a restraint leash while wearing a conventional collar or harness and they can experience pressure against their airway causing choking, coughing, wheezing, & injury.  Pressure against the airway can also result in an increase in pressure in the pet's eye.

Unfortunately, many times pet owners do not realize that their pet's collar or harness is applying pressure to the pet's airway and causing choking.  Many pet owners do not associate the breathing noises that pet's make while under restraint with the fact that their pet is experiencing pressure on the airway. 

The unique design of the ChokeFree  shoulder collar does not place pressure against the pet's neck, forechest, or airway area. 

ChokeFreeprovides a wonderful solution for preventing the problems associated with pet restraints.  It is no longer necessary to place a pet in a conventional neck collar or harness and run the risk of putting pressure against the airway and causing choking or causing an increase in eye pressure.



Studies have shown that many pets that have been restrained on a leash have experienced neck problems. 

Many times the smaller breed dogs experience a condition called collapsed trachea.  Trachea is another name for the windpipe which is the tube that connects the mouth, nose, and throat to the lungs.  Some dogs with a collapsed trachea will experience an occasional cough that sounds similar to a honking noise.   Pets with a collapsed trachea can experience gagging and difficulty with breathing

It has been noted that a collapsed trachea is more likely to occur when a pet is breathing faster than normal, or when there is added pressure around the outside of the trachea, such as when a pet is being restrained.  Pet owners can help with this condition by switching from a collar to a  harness that does not place pressure on the pet’s trachea.

A harness, instead of a collar, is recommended for restraining dogs susceptible to tracheal collapse so that pressure is not applied to the neck, forechest or airway area.  The unique design of the ChokeFree™  pet shoulder collar does not place pressure against the pet's neck or forechest area. 



Studies have shown that many pets that have been restrained on a neck collar have experienced an increased intraocular pressure.  Glaucoma is a common condition in dogs.  Dogs with glaucoma experience heightened pressure in the eye.  A study was performed at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, and the study showed that when collar pressure was applied, there was an increase in the pressure in the dog's eye.  It was noted that even the most brief increases of pressure in canines afflicted with any type of occular disease including glaucoma, can trigger damaging effects on the eye. 

The unique design of the ChokeFree™  pet shoulder collar does not place pressure against the pet's neck or forechest area and allows the pet to be restrained without causing pressure against the airway.


ChokeFree Design

The Choke Free  Shoulder Collar pet restraint combines the convenience of a strap like collar with features similar to those of a harness that surrounds the pet's shoulders.


The Shoulder Collar utilizes a one-piece simplistic circular band to encompass an animal's legs and shoulders.  The band encircles the area just behind an animal's front legs and incorporates a D-ring for attachment to  a control leash.  The shoulder collar eliminates the need to encircle an animal's neck or put pressure on the forechest or airway in order to restrain the pet, while it still provides the necessary control and restraint.  The secure hook and loop closure is uncomplicated and is easy to install and remove.


The Choke Free design is suitable for almost all pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, etc.  The Choke Free design results in a better non-choking pet collar or non-choking pet harness.


ChokeFree is a unique trademarked and patented Shoulder Collar with a patented Vel-Lock Closure  The original ChokeFree does not put pressure on the pet's trachea or windpipe.  There are similar step-in designs that claim to be non-choking/choke-free but they may still place pressure on the pet's windpipe and cause choking and gagging.  The center portion of our soft smooth one-piece patented ChokeFree design touches the pet in-between the pet's front legs, whereas the other Step-In harnesses touch the pet's forechest area rather than in between the pet's front legs.