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A pet wearing ChokeFree while in a pet car seat survived an awful car accident without injury.  The below excerpt is from spoiledmaltese.com and tells about how Wookie survived while wearing his ChokeFree Pet Shoulder Collar. 

And I am beyond thankful that Wookie is alright. At his size, with as hard as we were hit, if he had not been safe in his carseat, goodness knows how he would have survived. He didn't even get a bruise from his soft leather harness. Sara and I were talking about this point today, how THANKFUL we are, we didn't have to "scrape" him off the dash. I KNOW, UNTHINKABLE! But we do see so many people driving around with their small doggies in their laps and now I really fear for them all. I had even posted before about that man I saw several times with his Maltese laying on a towel hanging out the window over the sideview mirror on his corvette. THAT made me nuts... now I swear if I ever see him again I am gonna chase him down and let him know how unsafe that is.

When the EMTs were trying to "help" me feel better they told me how impressed they were about Wookie's carseat, and shared with me some of the accidents they have seen where pets didn't do so well.... it really was not helpful at the time, now I see, I may have a new job.... making pet safety during travels an awareness project.

Again thank you all for caring, and your prayers,

What type of Harness did you have on Wookie?

http://www.chokefree.com/ is the one that Wookie was wearing that night and he wears this one most often in the car. It's wonderfully soft leather.





A pet owner spent many hours trying to find the perfect harness and says she did find the perfect harness - ChokeFree.  The following excerpt is from  spoiled maltese.com


I think I must be the Queen of harness buying. I've spent many hours trying to find the perfect harness. I've also spent alot of money on harnesses that now sit in the drawer never to be used again for various reasons.

I DID find the perfect harness after all this and I wouldn't EVER be without them at this point. They are called "ChokeFree Collars". Made by a husband and wife team. The husband (an aeronautical engineer) "invented" them with an idea from his wife. I worried at first that the velco wouldn't hold on Spring who can be a puller when she spies a squirrel down the street. I can promise you that that fear was bogus. The velcro is VERY firm and you REALLY have to pull to get it off.

I've got a number of colors.


Jeni...owned by Spring and Summer





E-mails from pet owners who are impressed with the ChokeFree Pet Shoulder Collar:



I am the "mom" of a 9 month old pug who is 13 lbs. of pure energy! I ordered a chokefree harness and am so totally sold on this product. I can walk with her and hear no hard breathing even though she still pulls. Having lost a 10 year old pug last  April from bracheocephalic syndrome including a partially collapsing trachea, I am 100% happy that I chose this harness. I have since ordered a second one. Your product is wonderful. 

Thank you so much.



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