Ultra Easy ChokeFree Pet Shoulder Collar & PawRider Pet Seatbelt Adapter Made In USA

ChokeFree Metallic, Non-Metallic, Faux Ostrich, and Faux Crocodile Leather

PawRider Pet Seat Belt Adapter
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Raspberry ChokeFree with NonMetallic Rose Flower Crystal (NRC)


Vel*Pro Mesh ChokeFree Colors
Click to go to Vel*Pro Website

 Vel*Pro Mesh is available in Red, Black, Blue, Purple and Pink in five sizes that fit pets who measure from 11" to 20" around the chest just behind the front legs as listed below.  Size is best determined by measuring the pet's chest just behind the front legs and going up an inch to allow for comfort.  If the pet can tuck its head and back out, the Vel*Pro is too large and a smaller size should be selected.
Size XSmall fits  11" - 12"
Size Small fits    13" - 14"
Size Medium fits 15" - 16"
Size Large fits    17" - 18"
Size XLarge fits  19" - 20"



PATENT NO. 6792894
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ChokeFree is available in soft leather in the following sizes and below gorgeous colors. 


TOP ROW: Metallic Platinum (MPL), Turquoise (MTU), Red (MRD), Purple (MPU), Gold (MGO), Blue (MBL), Lime Green (MLG), Bronze (MBR), Hot Pink (MHP).


MIDDLE ROW:  Metallic Turquoise/Pink Flower/Crystal (MTC), Non-Metallic Baby Blue/Pink Flower/Crystal (NBC), Non-Metallic Black (NBK), Red (NRD), Blue (NBL), Baby Blue (NBB), Pink (NPK), Purple (NPU).


BOTTOM ROW:  Croc Black (CBK), White (CWH), Chocolate (CCH), Red (CRD), Mocha (CMO); Ostrich Turquoise (OTU), Baby Blue (OBB), Lime Green (OLG), Pink (OPK). 


Please note that the Metallic and Non-Metallic are single ply leather that is finished on the top side and has the unfinished suede look on the back side. 


The Croc and Ostrich are finished on the top side and backed with a finished leather.  When new, the Croc Leather is stiff but after it is worn, it becomes very soft.  The pet owner can speed up the softening process by working the Croc Leather by hand prior to placing on the pet.   


SIZES:  8", 9", 10", 11", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20", 21", 22", 23", 24", 25", 26", 27", 28"

ChokeFreeTM is available for sale to the general public at various locations listed by state on the Where To Buy ChokeFree Page or via mail order. 
Mail Orders Can Be Sent To:

Puttin on the Dog Shop

8806 Indian River Run 

Boynton Beach, FL  33472

561-737-4223  Toll Free:  888-589-2551

Click on the below websites to order ChokeFree in Metallic Leather, Non-Metallic Leather, Faux Croc and Faux Ostrich Leather, Flowers with Crystals Leather, VelPro Mesh and Leather PawRider Pet Seatbelt Adapter

ChokeFree™ Flowers with Crystals Leather Harness


       ChokeFree™ METALLIC Leather Harness


       ChokeFree™ NON-METALLIC Leather Harness


       ChokeFree™ Leather Faux Ostrich or Faux Croc


     ChokeFree™ Vel Pro Mesh Harness


ChokeFree™ Leather PawRider Pet Seatbelt Adapter  



EMAIL:  PuttinOnTheDog@bellsouth.net


NOTE:  Freida's Pet Boutique is closing effective 4/30/15. 

Please do not contact Freida's Pet Boutique to order ChokeFree products after 4/30/15.

Please get in touch to offer comments and get more information on our ChokeFree TM Pet Shoulder Collar. ChokeFree Pets c/o Assured Solutions only sells to Retailers with Tax Resale Identification Numbers.  The General Public will need to order through one of the retailers.  Pet Retailers with Tax Resale IDs should contact ChokeFree Pets directly.

ChokeFree Pets  Assured Solutions *  Merritt Island,  FL * 32953 * 321-223-4015

You can reach us at 321-223-4015, Fax:  321-453-6854 or via E-mail at:  terryd@palmnet.net