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ChokeFree Sizing

The preferred method of selecting the proper size ChokeFree is to try it on the pet.  ChokeFree should be fitted such that it allows enough room to be comfortable without allowing so much room that the pet can back out or otherwise wriggle out of the shoulder collar.  In order to size ChokeFree without the pet, a measuring tape should be placed  around the pet just behind the front legs and an exact measurement should be noted.  An additional one inch should then be added to the exact measurement to allow for comfort.


A pet that measures an exact 14” behind the front legs should fit into the 14” ChokeFree, but the shoulder collar would most likely fit snuggly and the additional inch usually provides enough room to allow for comfort.


Once the ChokeFree is placed on the pet, if the pet can tuck its head and back-out or if the pet owner can pull the ChokeFree over the pet's shoulders and head, the ChokeFree is too large and a smaller size should be selected.  It is the pet owner's responsibility to insure that the pet is fitted with the proper size ChokeFree.


Please note that the ChokeFree Shoulder Collar Pet Restraint is very simple to put on and take off and is not recommended to be worn all of the time.  Even though there are those who never remove the ChokeFree Shoulder Collar from their pet, it is meant to be worn only when needed for restraint.