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Just Step-N-Wrap and off you go.

Wrap measuring tape around pet's chest just behind the front legs.

Size and Measurement of the ChokeFree Shoulder Collar is easy.


Wrap a measuring tape around the pet just behind the front legs. 

Take the exact measurement around the chest just behind the

front legs and add an inch. The exact measurement plus one inch

should be the size of the ChokeFree that is needed.  It should be

noted that ChokeFree is made out of leather and due to the

natural characteristics of the leather, ChokeFree will soften and

become more flexible and conform to the pet's shape.  It is

important for ChokeFree not to be too large once it has been worn

and softened.   The Shoulder Collar should be fitted such that the

pet does not have enough room to pull out of the collar. 

ChokeFree sizes match the circumference of the pet's chest

behind the front legs.  Measurements taken behind the pet's front

legs should allow for a comfortable fit and not be tight.  A good

rule of thumb is to measure the pet's chest circumference exact 

and add one inch to allow for comfort.



Note: ChokeFree™ Pet Shoulder Collar Must

          Be Sized Appropriately


ChokeFree™ Pet Shoulder Collars are available in one inch

increments in order to insure that all pets can have the exact

right size ChokeFree™.                      


Pet Owners are responsible to insure that their pet's ChokeFree™

is sized such that the pet cannot back out or wriggle out of the

pet shoulder collar. 


Pet Owners are responsible to try out their pet's ChokeFree™

in a safe place where the pet cannot escape in order to insure

that their pet cannot back out or otherwise break free. 


Once it is installed, if the pet owner can pull the shoulder collar

over the pet's head, then the shoulder collar is too large. In the

event it is determined that the pet can back out and get out of

ChokeFree, the pet owner will need to get a smaller appropriately

sized ChokeFreethat the pet owner cannot pull over the pet's



ChokeFree(TM) is not to be used for tie out or when the pet is left

alone or unattended. 


Installation of the ChokeFree Shoulder Collar is easy.


Lay the shoulder collar on a flat surface with the D-ring facing down and place the pet's front feet in the collar's leg openings.


Pull the shoulder collar up and around the pet's legs and shoulders.


Wrap the ends of the shoulder collar together snugly by engaging the hook & loop on one end and following through to the other end while placing the D-ring through the slotted opening.


Press both sides firmly together.


When a leash is attached to the D-ring, the shoulder collar will seal together without coming apart during restraint.


Removal of the shoulder collar is easy. 


Unhook the leash.  


With one hand hold on to the collar at the top of the pet's shoulder next to the smooth side hook and loop.  With the other hand, lift up the hook side of the collar and peel the hook and loop apart.


Wearing the shoulder collar makes walking a delightful experience.


Pets that are restrained with the shoulder collar do not gag or cough while being controlled with a leash. 


Unlike conventional neck collars and harnesses, the shoulder collar allows the owner to have full control of the pet, but the shoulder collar does not make contact with the neck area that causes the pet to gag and choke when pulling against a control leash.



Lay Choke Free flat in front of the pet's feet.

Place the pet's feet in the ChokeFree leg openings.

Wrap ChokeFree around the pet's shoulders.

Engage the Vel-Lock Closure by placing the D-ring through the slotted opening.

Attach a leash to the D-ring and have fun walking, running, and playing without choking or gagging.

ChokeFree is positioned around the pet's shoulders and does not make contact with the throat or neck

ChokeFree works wonderfully well to restrain cats without encircling the neck.

ChokeFree restrains pets that are pulling without cutting into the pet's airway.