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Please contact ChokeFree Pets  ℅ Assured Solutions via Email (terryd@palmnet .net) or via phone at 321-223-4015 for more details and information about  becoming a retailer of the Step-N-WrapChokeFree with Vel-Lock Closure™ 
ChokeFreePets sells directly to distributors,  retailers, pet stores, veterinarians and other companies who are offering ChokeFree for resale to their customers.  ChokeFree Pets c/o Assured Solutions does not sell directly to the General Public.
Based on the important roles pets play in today's families, there is an urgency to make this exciting new concept in ChokeFreeTM  pet restraints available to the millions of pets and pet owners nationwide and worldwide.  It is our goal to make ChokeFreeTM  available to all of the pets and owners who can benefit from a less damaging and easier to use non-choking method of restraint.
ChokeFreeTM  was created in response to neck injuries that pets can experience while being restrained with conventional harnesses that put pressure on the pet's neck and forechest.  Due to neck injuries, some pets cannot be restrained with conventional neck collars or conventional harnesses.  It was necessary to design a new type of pet restraint that would not put pressure on the pet's trachea and cause choking.  Choking, gagging and coughing when restrained with conventional neck collars and harnesses is typical of what many pets experience.     
ChokeFreeTM  is a pet-friendly alternative to conventional neck collars and harnesses that restrain a pet by placing pressure against the pet's neck, forechest, and airway and cause gagging, coughing and choking.  In addition to providing pets with a non-choking method of restraint, ChokeFreeTM with its' Step-N-WrapTM  design and its' Vel-LockTM Closure is super simple for the pet owner to use.  The break through technology of the Vel-LockTM Closure involves the use of hook and loop closure such that when a D-ring is placed through the hook and loop, and connected to a leash snap hook, the hook and loop is pulled tighter together during restraint and easily pulls apart for quick removal from the pet once the leash snap hook is released.